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Some people are just blessed with oily skin and others are afflicted with acne. Yet, both of these groups have a need for some sort of acne treatment. Of course, if you suffer from acne then you are probably aware that over the counter medications don’t always work well and there are side effects to almost every acne medication on the market.

However, those who suffer from oily skin will want a cleanser and an exfoliator. That being said, understanding how you can get rid of acne is imperative to your acne treatment routine.

Those who suffer from oily skin will be in need of an exfoliant.  but oily skin will benefit from an exfoliant with higher levels of salicylic acid.

Cleansers that contain glycolic or lactic acid will be necessary for people who have dry skin. Since these are naturally occurring acids they should be avoided by those with sensitive skin. These types of acids can clog the pores of the skin and cause irritation, as well as cause breakouts.

Next, when it comes to your skin care routine you must choose an appropriate cleanser for your skin type. For those with oily skin a cleanser with lactic acid will help. It will remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate your skin.

For those with dry skin a cleanser with salicylic acid will be needed. It will make the skin more supple and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Dry skin is also less prone to scars and blemishes.

When it comes to acne treatment the use of a cleanser is essential. If your cleanser is effective then you can add exfoliants such as alpha hydroxy or alpha hydroxyl acids to your skin care routine.

The next step is to decide on what type of soap you will use to cleanse your face and follow it up with a skin care regimen. There are a variety of soaps available on the market today and many people do not realize the harshness of some of the soaps. Be sure to purchase a soap with natural ingredients.

Finally, after your skin care routine is complete you will want to use moisturizers to lock in moisture. Of course, there are plenty of moisturizers to choose from and each will work to moisturize your skin. One thing to remember is that your skin type will determine which moisturizer will work best for you.

For those with oily skin a moisturizer containing petrolatum may be the best choice. Petroleum jelly works great on dry skin but you may want to look for a moisturizer with natural ingredients. Your skin is a reflection of your personality and so it is important to find a moisturizer that fits your lifestyle.

As far as applying skin care products are concerned, you want to apply your skin moisturizer as close to your face as possible. That being said, you may need to cleanse the area a couple of times before you can apply the moisturizer. Remember, you don’t want to smudge it all over your face because it will clog the pores and cause your acne to come back.

With a little effort you can follow the same steps for your acne treatment as someone with oily skin. However, most people who suffer from acne have oilier skin than those who are dry. In fact, there are certain creams and ointments that are specifically designed for those with oily skin, but don’t forget that you can use cleansers and exfoliators for dry skin as well.

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