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Rechargeable Acupressure Vibrating Head Massager Helmet

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1. Comfortable air pressure massage.
2. Multi-frequency vibration.
3. Far infrared hot compress.
4. Head air pressure & acupuncture massage
5. MP3 music. Internal TF card.
6. LCD remote controller.
7. Auto timing options (5 mins, 10 mins and 15 mins).
8. Size adjustable.
9. Dry battery.

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Rechargeable head massager  helmet air pressure vibration acupuncture music therapy health care

This is a wireless intelligent head massage. It has microcomputer chip control technology and human design to realize human-machine interface and complete intelligent operation Easily control by the one-key touch prompt functions. This product applies the air pressure to the healthy care of head successfully, it works by microcomputer chip control technology and promotes blood circulation, relieves tensions and headache by kneading the acupoint.


1. Manual massager programmes :  Comes with air pressure massage programmes and vibration massage programmes to help ease tense muscles and improve circulation in your head and neck. You can select your preferred programme to experience the full curative effects of the massage.
2. Relaxation music : Relax and calm your tired mind with the Head Massager Helmet’s built-in music. With 3 distinctive music categories (Well-Being, Ambience, Nature) for your selection, head massager offer you both physical and mental relaxation at the same time. Head Massager Helmet comes with a pair of earphones and built-in speakers, allowing you the option of enjoying the music anyway you prefer.
3. Soothing Heat : Comes with soothing heat to improve circulation and provide instant relief from aches and strain caused by stress, further enhancing the massage effectiveness.
4. Built-in Timer : It auto-timer offers you the convenient option of setting your massage session at 5, 10 or 15 mins according to your preference.
5. Ergonomic Design For A Perfect Fit :  Ergonomically designed for close and comfortable contact with your head, delivering a targeted and effective massage for different head sizes. Its adjustable knobs ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort and effectiveness.


Relieves tension and reduces stress.
Soothes and relaxes tensed muscles.
Promotes physical and mental relaxation.
Stimulates vital acupressure points for enhanced overall well-being.
Boosts energy level and improves concentration.
Promotes better sleep and improves circulation.


1.Intelligent air pressure massager
2.Multi-frequency vibration
3.Heat compression magnetic therapy
4.Time setting function: 5,10,15 minutes
5.Relax the tension and pain of head effectively
6.Massage the special points in head and neck
7.Magnetic nodes to improve blood circulation
8.Adjustable head unit to fit most head sizes

Package Includes:

1x head massager
1x USB cable
1x User manual

Rechargeable With lithium battery in the controller, use it after the full charge, more convenient, you do not need to connect the controller to the plug all the time, and save the money for the battery.

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