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Multifunctional RF EMS Facial Care Therapy Device

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Item type: Beauty Instrument 
Material: ABS 
Power supply: DC 5 V, 500mA 
Battery capacity: 1000 mAh 
Battery saving status: 60 minutes Product 
Size: 1.7×4, 8×2.0 cm / 0.7×1.9×0.8 inches 
Main Body NW: pprox. 158g 
Package weight: pprox. 492g
Package size: 23×16.5×6.5 cm / 9.1×6.5 x 2.6in 
Function: Eliminate Fine Lines, Eliminate Large Pores, Discolor the Eye Circus, Eye Bags, Double Chin, etc.

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Multi functional RF EMS Facial Care Therapy Device combines the light therapy to micro current, RF frequency and Micro-vibration technique together for optimal aesthetic effects. Micro current facial toning device applies 50uA~1000uA micro-electric, which can effectively stimulate the creation of ATP. EMS Therapy. Combination of serums and creams to achieves highest possible results: Stimulation of cell metabolism, Acceleration of the cells division(reproduction), Increase of the collagen-synthesis, Increase of the capacity to retain moisture in the skin. The skin appears smoother, fuller and firmer.This beauty machine can effectively solve these problems, such as fine lines, large pores, eye bags, double chin, etc. Simple operation, start the machine with a single click. 3 power levels for different uses. 


1. It helps to improve the state of skin relaxed quickly, making the skin smoother and younger. You can feel the firmness of the skin after the first use. 
2 promotes the elimination of dead skin cells containing melanin, promotes the shine of the skin, leaves the skin hydrated after long periods of use, soft, healthy and fresh. 
3. Non-invasive, pain-free, no rehabilitation care device, no recovery period Progressive care device.
4 opening the pores through special electrical pulses instantly forms the active component of the inlet channel, allowing skin care products to enter the dermis directly. 
5. The saturated rate can be used continuously for 3-4 hours. We recommend that you use 20 minutes each time. 



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