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Hot Cold Photon Therapy Skin Lift Whitening Massager Hammer


Material: ABS
Mode: hot / cold therapy
Temperature: hot therapy:35-55 °
Plug type: European plug, plug American
Item size: approx. 19.5 * 6 * 8.5 cm / 7.68 * 2.4 * 3.35 inches
Package weight: approx. 860
Item Type: hot cold beauty machine
Effect: activates cells thoroughly, improves overall skin texture, skin tightening, facial lift, pore reduction, removal of eye bags and Dark Circles, wrinkle removal . 


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Hot Cold Photon Therapy Skin Lift & Whitening Massager Hammer

Use hot and cold balance massage to accelerate the skin, absorb nutrition and promote blood circulation, so that the skin is soft, smooth and white. It also adopts blue photon therapy to solve skin problems such as acne elimination, elimination of skin inflammation, reduces the secretion of fat. The hot side can make the skin pore to expand,add blood circulation.It is advantageous for the sundry goods to release.The cold side can make the skin pore to reduce.


  • Physical treatment and vibration, without secondary effect, safe and safe to use.
  • It uses heat and cold alternately, can activate the cells thoroughly, improve the overall texture of the skin, hardening of the skin, facial lift, reduction of pores and elimination of eye bags and dark Circles.
  • Two operating intensity gears to match your beauty needs.
  • Including 12 pieces blue LED photon therapy offers to eliminate acne eliminates inflammation of the skin and reduces the secretion of fat.
  • Easy to operate and convenient for daily skin care.
  • The light vibration massage offers a comfortable sensation when moving slowly in the face under the hot mode.
  • The separate cold message heads provide the different treatment effect.
  • The ventilation design helps heat distribution and prevents burning.
  • Equipped with a dust adapter that the integrated EMI filter provides overcurrent, protection against over voltage and overload.


Heating massage:
Using 40 ° of constant temperature to the diastolic pore, promotes circulation blood, accelerates the absorption of nutrition, accelerates the balance, eliminates toxins, eliminates eye bags and dark circles, the elimination of wrinkles? 

Cold Massage: 
Using 5 ° constant temperature to reduce pores, block skin water, improve collagen fiber, lift skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and crow’s feet, reduce pulse rate, eliminate inflammation of the skin Skin, pain It is used exclusively to heal sensitive skin. 


1. Do not touch the heat / cool detector to avoid burning.
2. Do not use while loading the machine.
3. Do not wash with water.
4. If you have a problem with the skin in use, stop using it immediately.


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