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Health Care Massage Roller Manual Neck Shoulder Massager

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This is a device that is used to gently massage the head, which can accelerate blood circulation and relax the muscles and relieve the headache, stress, and tension very quickly and effectively. It gently stimulates millions of nerve endings on the scalp and sends tingling sensation from scalp to toes and transports you to a more relaxing place.

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Health care massage roller plastic manual neck shoulder massager


1.keep body health
2.prevent illness
3.Relax stressed muscles
4.massage your neck to relax hard pressure.
5. Increase blood circulation
6.Relieve aches and pains
7.Provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress
8. Small enough to take with you anywhere
9.Easy to use, easy to carry, safe and practical
10.The flexible fingers can be custom fit to anyone’s neck
11.It can be used not only on Scalp, but also on Back and Neck
12.Also can be used on knee joints, elbows and ankles
13.Suitable for home, travel and office use, ideal for health care

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  1. anthony

    This thing is pretty awesome. This is the only massager that can apply the right amount of pressure evenly to really work the knots in my neck out.


  2. piper

    The big soft balls will feel so good on your neck stress is gone in no time can really take a squeeze with no bruising…. hope this helps you out


  3. jornales

    I love this thing! It massages your neck so well, and you can control the pressure easily with the handles. After a little practice, I figured out how to massage my shoulders and shoulder blades by putting one handle under my arm (near the armpit). It takes a little practice, but once you get it, it feels great!


  4. judith

    I was looking to buy an expensive electric massager when I saw this. I thought I’d give it a try first. I LOVE it. It took me a few minutes to figure out to use it. I thought the balls would roll but they don’t. This allows you to use as little or as much pressure as you want. The handles give you leverage that you just can’t achieve with your hands alone. It’s simple and highly effective. I’m sticking with this one.



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