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GreyEX Solution 30ml

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GreyEX solution 30 ml Greyverse Repigmenting Technology.

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Greyex is most safe solution to stop greying hair and bring natural hair colour back. It  can’t darken the natural hair color. It’s going to act only on grey hair to recover the genetically programmed hair color. So it will bring back natural hair colour. Greyex stops & reverse hair greying process by increasing Melanin synthesis & reducing oxidative stress. Greyex is Sulfate & Ammonia free. Greyex is different from other chemical product like dyes Since Dye’s contains chemical compounds so can cause scalp irritation. Dye’s result doesn’t last as long. These product artificially colours hair shafts & hair roots inevitably grow grey.


• Take out 1ml of Greyex from the bottle & applied it on the affected surface of the scalp by a gently     massage. Grey hair scalp area should be covered
• If you are using spray then use 5 Spray to apply a dose of 1 ml of solution
• If you are using Dropper then take the content into dropper to fill the volume up to 1ml line • Daily 1 ml of Greyex to be applied.
• If affected area is more then apply maximum upto 3ml/day Greyex can be applied either in the morning or at night (Once Daily)

• Greyex needs to be used once daily for minimum 3 to 6 months for visible results


•  Early application will  prevents the appearance of 1st grey hair

• Greyex has excellent safety profile



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