3D Neoprene Face Lift V Shape Face Chin Cheek Slimming Belt

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Type: Slimming belt for the face
Weight: 55 g
Color: as same
Package: Slimming strap x 1


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3D Neoprene Face Lift V Shape Face Chin Cheek Slimming Belt

Get older, the muscles began to relax! Double chin &  sagging skin began to appear. Thin surface belt can be tightened your chin and cheek muscle relaxation to improve the surface shape. It’s very comfortable you can wear it in anywhere, in the house, office.
Far-infrared powder is blended with super-elastic fibers to deeply stimulate fats, which can quickly burn fat and promote facial skin circulation. The effect will not disappear due to washing.
Accelerate facial blood circulation and function to burn fat, improve uneven soft tissue such as fat and muscle on the face, tighten facial contours, control skin fat cell volume, and correct face shape.
Through pressure therapy and the principle of fat movement, the product enhances the contour of the face by applying uniform and constant pressure effectively controlling the volume expansion of intradermal fat cells, muscles, and other soft tissues.
This product is made of imported Lycra fabric, without any odor, light and breathable fabric, not hot summer heat. With high tear strength, high pressure, not easily deformed, easy to use.
Use a three-dimensional cut, from the forehead to the chin completely to wear. 


New Design and high quality.
Elastic face slim mask will make your face more beautiful and healthy.
It will make you look more slim and beautiful.
Suit for 30-42 cm neck circumference.

How to use:

Wash your face clean.
Wear it and take off 30~50 minutes later (Skin will be in a sweat with warm).
Wash your face again.

Notice: – Recommended use 20-40 minutes at a time, if facial discomfort, then took off his mask, as appropriate. – Covering parts of the wound is not used, children, pregnant women, heart disease, high blood pressure and skin diseases do not use. – Please do not use while sleeping! Please do not use while bathing!


Type: slimming belt for the face
Weight: 55g
Color: as sample
Package: Slimming strap x 1

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