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Facial radiofrequency EMS mesotherapy machine LED photon therapy

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  • False Eyelash Crafts :  Made to Machine
  • Type :  RF & Electroporation Beauty Massager
  • Item Name :  RF & Electroporation Beauty Massager
  • Technology :  RF, EMS, Vibration, PDT (Photodynamic Therapy)
  • Lead in nutrition Nourishing :  Skin Tightening & Lifting, Remove acne, Whitening
  • Anti-Wrinkles, Skin Rejuvenation :  Eye Face Massager

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Facial radiofrequency EMS mesotherapy machine LED photon therapy electroporation skin lift face beauty massager


It is with a remarkable effect of leading in the function of nutrition and skin care.

Electroporation is a beauty method that can inject collagen and hyaluronic acid into a deeper skin without needles, with this special technology called “electroporation” … you can achieve a high level of absorption and efficacy of nutrition.


“Mesotherapy” is a combination of mesotherapy and electroporation that is widely used as mesotherapy without needle injection in Europe. It achieves a high level of penetration into the skin. It has an amazing effect for whitening and anti-aging.


RF (radio Frequency)

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

PDT (photodynamic therapy)



1 6000 times the vibration in one minute: you can lift the face and eliminate the edema, shape the face in V.

2. Radio frequency: opens the pores, improves the absorption of nutrition, which leads more quickly.

3. EMS: anti-wrinkled and wrinkled skin, improves the elasticity of the skin.

4. RGB light: water-oil balance of the skin, sensitive skin




RF (radio Frequency)

The RF characteristic is that electrical power usually follows the shortest distance between 2 electrodes. When electricity runs through living tissue, the high energy flow generates heat, can reduce fat and tighten the skin, shape the face and maintain young conditions.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation):

The only current EMS stimulates the hypodermis to achieve the effect of cell activation, regeneration of collagen. It can firm the skin and improve wrinkles and fine line situation, shape your soft, shiny and supple skin.

PDT (photodynamic therapy)

It works efficiently and stably without damaging the skin using a special LED light developed exclusively for beauty equipment!

Nurse: Massage with vibration , which can bring the essence, beauty creams / gels to the bottom of the skin quickly, and activate face and eyes to Reas!




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