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Face Neck Lift Roller Facial V Shaper Massager


Item type: 3D facial lift roller massager
Applicable: women
Colour: Silver color
Gross weight: 100g
Net weight: 90g
Material: ABS + Metal Plating
Style: wheel type


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Face Neck Lift Roller Facial V Shaper Massager

This new kneading technology face lift tightening roller comes with the ergonomic handle, easy to hold, small size, easy to carry.  The double roller Y structure and the 360 ​​° rotating design adapt to the entire body. 
Suitable for massage of face, neck, chest, waist, arms and legs, you can achieve the effect of lifting the face, adjusting the skin and the shape of the body. With solar panel, it produces micro current absorbing solar energy to activate cells, promotes blood circulation and balance of the skin.


1. Massage your face with Y shaped roll
2, Quicken face blood circulation
3. Activate skin cells’metabolism, make skinning and firm
4. The beauty roller is elegantly designed, light and easy to carry
5. No batteries are required
6. Add facial massage to your daily for that young and radiant look.
7. Restore skin firmness and elasticity
8. Usable with water soluble beauty essence
9. Work to relieve stress and make you smile
10. it’s a portable massager, you can enjoy it for relaxation everywhere and good for relaxation everywhere



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