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Magnetic Acupressure Vibrating Eye Massager Mask Reduce Stress Dark Circle

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1. Improves blood circulation, eliminates eyestrain and eye muscle tension.
2. Prevent myopia or suspends turning into high myopia.
3. Prevents or alleviates eye pouch, dark circles and wrinkle.
4. Helps insomniac to relax nerves and fall asleep.

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HOT Electric Eye Massager glasses eye mask USB Vibration Alleviate Fatigue Stress Relief Relax Forehead massage Eye vision Care


1. With 24pcs neodymium magnetic massaging points and 9 kinds of massaging modes.
2. Stimulate the blood circulation of eyes and relieve the tired eyes.
3. This eyecare massager can effectively reduce dark circle and wrinkles around the eyes.
4. To ease tension  around the eyes, to ease insomnia, headache and hypermetropia.
5. To avoid  myopia and prevent it from serious condition.
6. To avoid ophthalmology disease occurred by using computer.
7. Help the aged to delay the process of presbyopia.


1. 24 neodymium magnet massage dots, builds a magnetic field on microcirculation. With On/off switch 
2. 9 massage modes: strong massager, moderate massager, soft massager, knead, soft knead, moderate knead, strong beat, soft beat, moderate beat. 
3. Adjusting massage time, easy to control the massage periods, safe eye health care.


Suitable for anyone who excessively use eyes, like IT workers, writers, accountants, students,etc. 
Powered by USB or 2x AAA batteries(do not include.)
String length: 15″ (stretched, adjustable) 
Color: White and Blue 
Net Weight: 110g 

Package List:

1* Eye Massager
1* User Manual


Acupressure Eye Massager

Acupressure Eye MassagerAcupressure Eye MassagerAcupressure Eye MassagerAcupressure Eye Massager

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  1. william

    The appearance of the product is atmospheric, the overall small and exquisite, the texture is also quite good, I also bought it for a long time, indeed, the function is quite powerful, very smart, and then the eyes are much more comfortable after use, not so tired, the most important thing is Wearing comfortable, not tight, overall is satisfactory


  2. henry

    I am a person who likes to read and watch TV,except for working hours ,watching TV and playing mobile phone.so sometimes the eyes are sore and tired .this eye temple massage is not bad .after use it I feel my eyes are relaxed and my dark circles have reduced little


  3. gavin

    The machine helps releasing the intensity of my eyes after a long hour work with my laptop. I fell asleep on the sleeping mode, it is relaxing and comforting. thank you dermal