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Dr+MEDM Facial Remedy Cream Jar(125g)

Hyper dry skin that cracks with extreme dryness. Moisture-deficient oily skin that feels tight. Sensitive skin with difficult choice of products and ingredients. Mild cream that hydrates and nourishes moisture.
#Nourishing moisturizing cream. 

Effects: Triple Care System of Remedy

  • Real Down: Moisture formation on cracked, extremely dry skin
  • Balancing: Balance collapsed skin to resolve tightness
  • Dewy Glow: High moisturizing gives you a glow that rises from the inside

How to Use :

In the final step of skincare, take an appropriate amount of the cream and gently apply it along the skin texture


It contains high-nutritive/high-moisturizing ingredients that are effective for cracked, extremely dry skin and sensitive skin.

  • STRENGTHENING OF SKIN BARRIER : To help strengthen the skin barrier by forming a moisturizing membrane to prevent moisture from evaporating.
  • EXTREMELY DRY CURE : It provides rich moisture to extremely dry skin to balance the oil and moisture and form a moisturizing membrane to raise the skin barrier.
  • NOURISHING SUPPLY : It nourishes the skin deeply to prevent aging and gives a clear glow from the inside.
  • OIL AND MOISTURE BALANCE : Skin care that is filled from the inside with a perfect proportion of oil and water even if the skin is very tight
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