Body shapers can be worn either as underwear or as an undergarment to the clothes that are worn beneath them. Many shapers can be slipped into a pair of jeans, however if there is already a large piece of clothing worn underneath, it would be wise to put the shaper on first. It is not unusual for most men to be uncomfortable to wear an undergarment while they are out and about, especially if their pants are very tight. It is advised that if the underwear is too tight that it be taken off and the shaper worn. If it does not fit properly then the wearer will not be able to comfortably wear the shaper, which could result in discomfort. It should be noted that body shapers with built in undergarments are usually too tight for most men, therefore it is suggested that these shapers be worn separately. Body shapers that are worn under clothes are not as comfortable as those worn over clothes, but they can be a good alternative to covering up a man’s manhood by wearing shorts or sweatpants.

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